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Our vision

Vu les rapports alarmants du GIEC (Groupe d’experts Intergouvernemental sur l’Evolution du Climat), notamment “Global Warming of 1.5 °C” ;

Vu les engagements des universités pour former aux enjeux climatiques salués par l’ONU en juillet 2019 ;

Vu l’engouement et la participation massive des étudiant·e·s aux différentes initiatives notamment celles de Fridays for Future, du Manifeste étudiant pour un réveil écologique, Youth for Climate ;

Vu les prises d’engagements de la Conférence des Grandes Écoles et de la Conférence des Présidents d’Université “Inclure les enjeux climatiques dans les formations” (CGE) du 29 août 2019 ; “Les universités et grandes écoles doivent intégrer l’urgence climatique dans leur stratégie“ (CPU) du 16 septembre 2019 ;

Dans la situation d’urgence écologique actuelle, tou·te·s s’accordent à dire qu’il est primordial d’agir au plus vite. L’organisation de la COP2 Étudiante aspire donc à :

Speed up the awareness to entice students, research professors, university officials and French and international partners into acting;

Set up a summary of the initiatives taken since the “Plan Vert” (Green Deal) of 2009 and pledge to accomplish precise goals and act on it.

Amplify local and global initiatives by sharing knowledge, know-how and ideas;

An event open to everybody

This event targets students all across France and from any social background. 600 educational institution which represents 95% of all French educational institutions are invited to participate. However, the diversity of the fields studied cannot be overlooked. Therefore, there will be content for all kinds of people in which all levels of complexity for each field will be covered. Finally, international officials and international speakers will be invited to cover multiple points of view and ideas.


By inviting students, teachers, administration members, university administrators, members of student societies, institutions and stakeholders of secondary education, the Students’ COP2 sets up a setting to discuss a schedule of concrete mutual coordinated actions as well as milestones.

The negotiations will be prepared in advance of the event thanks to a student consultation and a prospection amid universities in order to get propositions which will then be audited. They will then be presented to institutional stakeholders before and during the event. Therefore, during the COP, a place of debate and thinking will be available for work group so that they will be as efficient as possible.

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A Forum of committed initiatives

This forum aims to help students find purpose by proposing commitments. It will gather professional stakeholders mostly, such as corporations, associations, NGOs which are tackling environmental and societal issues. It will enable students to deal with their need for ethical fulfillment and their imperatives to get internships and jobs as an active member of society. The goal is to enable pledges in the associative and corporate world and to emphasize the initiatives often overlooked in regular students’ forum.

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A Fair


The fair will feature conferences and debates in order to share knowledge at all levels of complexity and will cover themes as miscellaneous as possible (STEM fields and humanities). Furthermore, workshops, fun challenges and artistic activities will jazz up the campus.

Design the deal together

The Students’ COP2 does not aim to do over an event already done but instead aims to go further. First, it capitalizes on previous commitments, the teachings of their successes and failures in order to design together a global strategy with all the stakeholders of secondary education. The purpose is to close a deal entirely designed by students and university officials.

The program is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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