Depending on your status (whether you are a student or not), you may choose either the “student ticket” or the “non-student ticket”.
Companies should get their own tickets by contacting us through the “participate” tab on the COP2 website.

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The university campus

All the animations will be hosted on the beautiful campus of Grenoble, at the foot of the mountains, and will be spread among the university’s buildings. Once on campus, each location - including the cafeteria for lunch - is within walking distance.

Informations pratiques pour le week-end


Are you a student whose housing is not paid for by your school? Tell us so when signing up, we will contact you with options.
Are you a student living in Grenoble and are you okay with hosting one or more people for the week-end? The following form will allow you to provide with your help and to take part in making this event possible.

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About meals

For Saturday’s and Sunday’s lunches, you can book a lunch which will be served in one of the various CROUS cafeterias located on the Grenoble campus. Naturally, you are free to pick another option (bring your own meal, go eat downtown…). You should be aware that the campus does not provide many other restauration opportunities. Please note that Breakfast and dinner are not included.
You are also encouraged to bring your own water flask for the event.

Public transportation

Trams are the main way of public transportation in Grenoble and are a convenient link between the railway station, downtown and the campus (where the COP2 is hosted). Thanks to a partnership between the organizing team and the SMMAG, we are pleased to announce that the tram will be available in unlimited access each day for the price of only one ticket (2,10€).


To come to Grenoble, you are encouraged to primarily use public means of transportation (bus, train) or carpooling (a platform is available specifically for the event). Drivers, don’t hesitate to offer assistance by sharing your car.
Parking spots are available in limited numbers on the place of the event and are not bookable.
From Grenoble’s railway station, the campus is directly accessible by tram.

Please note that in order to compute the carbon footprint of the event, we will ask you your mean of transportation when you sign up.

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