April 4 & 5, 2020 
National event in Grenoble




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The COP2 Étudiante presents its photo contest on the theme:


The photo competition will allow you to take part in the COP2 Étudiante by expressing yourself in pictures!

Why was this theme picked?

The COP2 Étudiante yearns to confront visions to end up with concrete commitments to tackle environmental issues. The future is thus the concern of all the people involved in the COP2 process. Through this theme, we hope to stimulate your artistic creativity through the notion of outlook while letting you bring your personal vision of the stakes of the future.

The ten winners of the contest will have their photo exhibited in a dedicated space during the COP2 Étudiante and will be able to bring them back home.

Let your imagination run wild!

Droping your picture is no longer available.

The COP2 Étudiante is...

...an open event which aims to speed up commitment to tackle environmental issues. Mediation sessions to come up with concrete pledges, conferences, a forum gathering NGOs and corporations as well as fun challenges and workshops are planned !

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